2000-02-10 Golden Bower – The Quilter

1999-8 QuilterGolden Bower – The Quilter

Part of a “series” of Ozark Crafts People. Quilting, Whittling, Basket weaving; All once common traditional skills, are now local talents fading into history.  Golden Bower was the mother of Nellie Dotson. She owns and minds Nellies Quilts and Crafts on Scenic Highway #7 south of Jasper.  Nellie was one of the first stores to wholesale my prints, and she still does today. She is a beautiful, friendly, godly lady, and one of Newton Counties finest.  Stop in and see her, you will leave with a smile, and be glad you did.

The Original Framed 11×14 Acrylic Painting is in the collection of Nellie Dotson. 8×10 prints matted to 11×14, are available upon request with or without a frame.

4 thoughts on “2000-02-10 Golden Bower – The Quilter”

  1. I have the golden bower the quilter number 31 signed with orginal frame. I was wondering what it is worth plus email me estimate

    1. Hi Troy.
      The Basketweaver and The Whittler were the other two prints. I’ll send you an email…

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