2001 First Snow

2001-First SnowFirst Snow

This Painting was from a photo of my driveway, and an answer to my Mothers comment from Chicago, “You don’t get snow down there, do you?”

Framed Original 11×14 Acrylic painting on canvas in private collection.

4 thoughts on “2001 First Snow”

    1. Thanks. That’s the old driveway at Lurton. Had to walk down the road to see if I could “drive” down the road.. You ever have to do that?

    1. Thanks Scott. Actually this Painting has long been sold and unfortunately, I did not get a good enough photograph of it from which to make high resolution prints. I do however, make small 5X7 canvas prints of it, contact me if you are interested, and I’ll send you an image. Thanks again, hope you are enjoying “The Mill” painting!

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