2004-04-02 The Jasper Gazebo

2004-04-02 JASPER IVThe Jasper Gazebo

..was painted plein Air on the Jasper Square.  There was a local man who took care of the grounds, and never stood still.  Always mowing, snipping, trimming and raking the grass,flowers,bushes and trees.  Just for giggles, I stretched him out on the park bench, taking a nap with his rake leaning against the building.  Later I showed him the painting and pointed out the “slacker” on the bench.    “That looks like me!   That ain’t me! Did the Judge see this?!?” he said, nearly getting offended.  😀   …Fun stuff.

The Original Framed 16×24 Acrylic painting on Canvas is in a private collection.  A limited number of 8×10 prints, matted to 11×14 are available with, or without, a frame.