2006-05-01 Bull on the Square

2006-0501 JASPER ELKBull on the Jasper Square

This was a large painting inspired by an old TV show about a rural town (who’s name escapes me at the moment).  The town was full of interesting characters, very much like our wonderful little town of Jasper (only it’s better, and warmer, and REAL here). 😀  It has always been one of my favorite paintings.

The Original 18X40 Framed Acrylic Painting was sold before it was finished. The limited print edition sold out quickly.

One thought on “2006-05-01 Bull on the Square”

  1. Everyone who comes to our place for the first time just loves this one. (We need to meet up and take a pic of “Pie from the Sky” (my fav) so you can get it on your site.)

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