2016-02-26 Falling Water Waterfalls & Richland Creek

OK; This weekend, we only had a day, so we took off Saturday Night and got to Richland Campground by evening. Hot Dogs cooked (very well done by Aly) 🙂 on the fire  .  We got to show off our LED “porch” lights, and slept very comfortably in our cozy little Steel tent.. 00

We came armed with Tim Ernsts Waterfalls guide, and took off on a little mini tour of the falls on Falling Water Creek.  Drove up the road to the first wide spot, parked the Travato, and scrambled up a big deep canyon to Keefe Falls.01
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It’s hard to get the scale of these falls in my pictures; this one didn’t have tons of water, but was impressive none the less. Click on the pictures for bigger views



Just another mile or two up the road we found another spot wide enough to pull over, and checked out Six Finger Falls. This picture was taken out the door of the van parked on the side of the dirt road.


We took off our shoes and “waded” through the ice cold water to the other side.11

And from there, just a short hike downstream to Fuzzy Butt Falls. This one was up in a shady box canyon.  It would be a great place to be in the hot summertime (if there was any water in the creeks).19

I thought Fuzzy Butt was the most picturesque of the waterfalls… Another one on my list to return to and paint..20 21 23  






From Fuzzy Butt, we went back up the same trail, and then further up river (past 6 fingers), to Horse Tail Falls.







That one was so tall you couldn’t get back far enough to get the entire waterfall in one picture.32

Where the Horse Tail run off meets Falling Water Creek, there is another pretty spot.


Another short hike up the trail and we met the road, crossed over Falling Water on the Old CC Bridge, and headed back downstream on the other side. With the help of Tims book, we took a short detour to “Intersection Falls”. This picture was taken from the top of the Falls, looking down into Falling Water Creek..

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The entire Hike only amounted to a few miles of pretty good trails.  Made for a great day of seeing some beautiful country.  Get the book, take the walk.  Life is Good.