2004-02 Raney Cove Falls

2004-02-Rainey Cove Falls AlteredRaney Cove Falls

…is on a small wet weather stream that flows to the Buffalo. This view is from a trail that leads down from Edd and Ilonka’s Buffalo River Bluff Dwellers Cabins to the river. If you’re coming to Newton County, these Cedar Mennonite built cabins are definitely some of the best around.

The Original Framed 16×20 Acrylic Painting on board is in a private collection. The Print edition is sold out.

2004-04-02 The Jasper Gazebo

2004-04-02 JASPER IVThe Jasper Gazebo

..was painted plein Air on the Jasper Square.  There was a local man who took care of the grounds, and never stood still.  Always mowing, snipping, trimming and raking the grass,flowers,bushes and trees.  Just for giggles, I stretched him out on the park bench, taking a nap with his rake leaning against the building.  Later I showed him the painting and pointed out the “slacker” on the bench.    “That looks like me!   That ain’t me! Did the Judge see this?!?” he said, nearly getting offended.  😀   …Fun stuff.

The Original Framed 16×24 Acrylic painting on Canvas is in a private collection.  A limited number of 8×10 prints, matted to 11×14 are available with, or without, a frame.