2004-07 Hangin’ On

2004-07-HANGIN ONHangin On

This Pen and Ink was done right before this building was leveled by the owner (I got the planks off it to use for my handmade barnwood frames).  Later, Gary Wiebe used this image, along with a couple others, in one of his humorous books about the characters in Newton County.

The Original Framed 11×14 Pen and Ink on Paper is in a private collection. A limited number of 8×10 prints are available matted to 11×14 with, or without, a frame.

2004-07-04 Independence Day

2004-4th of JulyIndependence Day

Sitting at my roadside station, on a typical sweltering fourth of July day in the Ozarks, I pondered what I would paint that day.  I was studying one of the “soon to fall” old dead pine trees, when an eagle soared right along the top of the huge bluff in front of me.  I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures (but actually ended up using a different photo reference because by the time I got the camera ready, the eagle was no longer close enough for a good shot.)  Anyway, this was the result. The painting sold off my easel the following day when I returned to finish the details of the bird.

The 11×14 Framed Original Acrylic Painting is sold and I never got a satisfactory image of it to make large prints.