New year, New Chapter; Meet Tony.

A couple paragraphs to say thanks..

I have lived a truly blessed life. From day one I was born into a great family; I was encouraged, supported, trained and nurtured well by two of the greatest people on earth. I had good teachers and roll models through public school. Our family moved from Chicago to the “country” where as a child we played in the lake, and hiked and rode bikes in the woods and fields. I made art. My mother was involved and supportive every step of the way, while my Father worked tirelessly to provide everything for us all, and never left us wanting.

I left home early, started a business in California before I was 18.  I worked on Highway crews in Montana, Panned for gold in the Sierra Mountains, and spent time in Texas and most of the Western States, working at a dozen different trades in construction. I lived and camped out of a Van for several years, and lived in dozens of different towns and cities. I drew pictures and gave them to friends along the way. I traveled and experienced more before I was twenty five then some do in a lifetime.

I returned to the bustling family business and worked as a laborer, truck driver, warehouse man, flooring installer, and supervisor before running my own division of the company. I built a large log cabin and owned boats, campers, and all the toys. I started painting more seriously.

At age 30, I sold it all and moved to the backwoods in the Ozark Mountains and “homesteaded”. I built a solar powered home, and raised a garden and a large variety of small livestock. I spent my days hiking, 4 wheeling, horse back riding, and painting.

I started selling my Artwork on the side of the road, and then to Gift shops, Craft shops, and galleries. I tore down old barns, built my own frames, made prints, and attended art and craft shows, had my own exhibitions and painted commissions. I grew to a point where I was wholesaling to more than 300 shops and galleries across the south and Midwest in 20+ states.

I built a second log home nearly solo, and reclaimed an 1860’s barn and turned it into my studio. Recently I helped to design, build and run two Art Galleries in our little town of Jasper and I have my own studio and gallery in the mountains. I helped to bring two beautiful girls into this world (one of which is out to have her own baby), and now, as life would have it, I met the woman of my dreams.  We both love traveling and spending time together, and just last week I made an investment in what will be essential to the next chapter:

Meet Tony:


Life is good 🙂      Life is very very good.

2015-01-02 …And the Winner is…..

Jim Campbell of Jim Campbell Photography in St. Louis won the free print from
Happy New Year, and Congratulations Jim!  Just go to the blog, and pick a print you like. Let me know via comment or email, and I’ll get it sent off to you!  Thanks again for your interest, great to meet you, and I hope to see you again soon at the gallery.

Jim chose “The Promise of Spring

2006-0304-The Promise of Spring