2016-06-01 Million Dollar Highway, Ouray, Perimeter trail

This trip just getting better. The Million Dollar Highway or San Juan Skyway takes you from Durango to Ouray with ridiculous switchbacks, drop offs and cliff side “hanging” roads..

IMG_5764Passing Silverton again..IMG_5797

While Jennifer was driving through the beautiful Mountains, we spotted this waterfall and pulled over to snap a picture.  Jennifer was just going to stay in the Van. I walked over and was trying to get a picture and then she meandered over.  We were parked on a downhill grade, and I asked her if she put the emergency brake on (Aly was still in the car). She got a very concerned look on her face… 🙂


I just had to include this picture of her running back to the Travato before it started to roll down the highway… 😀





We rolled into Ouray about evening and thought we’d check for the off chance there might be an open space at the amphitheater campground.. There were several; but only for “small vehicles”.








Good thing we got our “little Travato”!

We tucked her in and got this view for the evening…  IMG_5864IMG_5876
Woke up to a view of Ouray below us.

Had a Cinnamon Bear come visit us in the morning too, but didn’t manage to get a picture..

Jennifer made pancakes and sausage in the morning and we were off to explore Ouray..   on foot.IMG_5882

Somehow, we got off trail, which mama wasn’t real comfortable with 😉 , (that hill is a lot steeper than it looks in this picture).


IMG_5880 IMG_5900 IMG_5896We walked to downtown, did some poking around, and then hiked the “perimeter trail”, which is a 5 or 6 mile trail that completely circles the entire town on the mountainside.IMG_5938IMG_5901 IMG_5902

IMG_5908 Encountered just a bit of rain..IMG_5917


IMG_5926…and even got to do a little gold pannin’ to remind me of my prospectin’ days, before returning to camp 🙂
13332930_1193545103991540_4664232408359238898_nAs if that wasn’t enough for one day, we jumped in the Van and headed to town, had some delicious HUGE burgers at Maggies Kitchen, and soaked our bones in the Hot Springs.

This was a good day!


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