2012-08-02 Philbert

2012-08-02 Philbert

2012-08-01 “Philbert”

My Daughter recognized this drawing immediately… “ooh, ooh, I know who that is… It’s… uhhh… Philbert!   That really smart guy”.. 😉

 An (almost) monotone portrait study in Pastel.

This 12×12 Original Pastel is available framed at my personal gallery.  A limited number of prints are available matted, with or without a frame.

2006-12-04 That ain’t no Fiddle

2006-1204 THAT AINT NO FIDDLE 3 desatt“That Ain’t No Fiddle”

I painted this study in oil on paper.  The buttery smoothness of oil paint is unrivaled for skin tones and smooth color transitions.  As much as I love working with oils, the odor of the mediums I like best don’t agree with me.

I’ve always wondered what the difference between a Fiddle and a Violin was. I’ve never gotten a good explanation, so I just figure a violin is for fancy pants city folk, and a fiddle is fer fiddlin’ around.

This Framed 14×18 Original Oil painting on paper is available in my Studio. A limited number of 8×10 prints are available matted to 11×14, with or without a frame, upon request.

2006-09-02 Moses; corrected.

2006-0902 Michels Moses desatMoses

Michelangelo Buonarroti’s famous 15th century marble sculpture of Moses was depicted with horns coming out of his head. This idea came from a mis-interpreted ancient text that meant to explain there were “rays” coming out of his head (as in light rays, because he had been speaking with god). I figured it was due time someone fixed this error, and who better to correct Michelangelo than me?  😉

This painting has been sold, but I do keep a couple 8×10 prints matted to 11×14 around, available framed or unframed, upon request.

2006-07-02 The Cellist

2006-0702 CHELLISTThe Cellist

At an Art Walk in Russellville AR., set up in the old train station depot, this young woman and her teacher sat next to me all night playing classical music.  It made for a lovely evening, and the girl was completely focused on her playing and allowed me to sketch and take a few photos of her for reference.

Original Framed 14×18 Acrylic on canvas is for sale at Personal Gallery.  A limited number of 8×10 prints, matted to 11×14, with or without a frame are available.

2004-04-02 The Jasper Gazebo

2004-04-02 JASPER IVThe Jasper Gazebo

..was painted plein Air on the Jasper Square.  There was a local man who took care of the grounds, and never stood still.  Always mowing, snipping, trimming and raking the grass,flowers,bushes and trees.  Just for giggles, I stretched him out on the park bench, taking a nap with his rake leaning against the building.  Later I showed him the painting and pointed out the “slacker” on the bench.    “That looks like me!   That ain’t me! Did the Judge see this?!?” he said, nearly getting offended.  😀   …Fun stuff.

The Original Framed 16×24 Acrylic painting on Canvas is in a private collection.  A limited number of 8×10 prints, matted to 11×14 are available with, or without, a frame.

2001-Self Portrait of a Self Portrait of a…

2001-Self Portrait of a Self PortraitSelf Portrait of a Self Portrait of a…

Painted at “my” look out overlooking Big Creek where I spent many a day painting and peddling pictures to tourists.  A good friend noted that I wasn’t wearing glasses, he could see very little gray in my hair, and I looked a bit thinner here than I am in real life… Ahhh, the power of paint 😉

Framed Original 12×36 Acrylic Painting on board in a Private Collection. The print edition is sold out.

2000-02-10 Golden Bower – The Quilter

1999-8 QuilterGolden Bower – The Quilter

Part of a “series” of Ozark Crafts People. Quilting, Whittling, Basket weaving; All once common traditional skills, are now local talents fading into history.  Golden Bower was the mother of Nellie Dotson. She owns and minds Nellies Quilts and Crafts on Scenic Highway #7 south of Jasper.  Nellie was one of the first stores to wholesale my prints, and she still does today. She is a beautiful, friendly, godly lady, and one of Newton Counties finest.  Stop in and see her, you will leave with a smile, and be glad you did.

The Original Framed 11×14 Acrylic Painting is in the collection of Nellie Dotson. 8×10 prints matted to 11×14, are available upon request with or without a frame.

1998 The Whittler

1998-WhittlerThe Whittler

On the courthouse square, local old timers often still gather to share the comins and goins of their busy days.  When I approached this man, I asked what he was making.  He looked at the piece of cedar in his hand, looked at his pocket knife, and the pile of chips on the ground, slowly looked up at me, and said … “wood chips”.  We talked for awhile after that, and I learned the difference between a “Whittler” and a “carver”.  A whittler makes “wood chips”..

The original painting and a large print edition are sold out.