2004-02 Raney Cove Falls

2004-02-Rainey Cove Falls AlteredRaney Cove Falls

…is on a small wet weather stream that flows to the Buffalo. This view is from a trail that leads down from Edd and Ilonka’s Buffalo River Bluff Dwellers Cabins to the river. If you’re coming to Newton County, these Cedar Mennonite built cabins are definitely some of the best around.

The Original Framed 16×20 Acrylic Painting on board is in a private collection. The Print edition is sold out.

2004-04-02 The Jasper Gazebo

2004-04-02 JASPER IVThe Jasper Gazebo

..was painted plein Air on the Jasper Square.  There was a local man who took care of the grounds, and never stood still.  Always mowing, snipping, trimming and raking the grass,flowers,bushes and trees.  Just for giggles, I stretched him out on the park bench, taking a nap with his rake leaning against the building.  Later I showed him the painting and pointed out the “slacker” on the bench.    “That looks like me!   That ain’t me! Did the Judge see this?!?” he said, nearly getting offended.  😀   …Fun stuff.

The Original Framed 16×24 Acrylic painting on Canvas is in a private collection.  A limited number of 8×10 prints, matted to 11×14 are available with, or without, a frame.

2003-06-01 Here Comes the Sun

2003-Here Comes The SunHere Comes the Sun

I painted on the road side at different times, over the years, in several locations along scenic #7.  The first version of this painting had the open hand of god reaching out of the clouds, and it was sold off the easel on the side of the road. In this version, I never got around to putting the hand in there before it was added to another patron’s collection.

The Original 24×24 Framed Acrylic Painting on Canvas is sold. A limited number of prints are available matted, with or without a frame upon request.

2002 Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ Out my Back Door


Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ Out my Back Door

Is a painting of the view of the sky over my pond, off my back porch in Lurton Arkansas.  We lived on 120 acres completely secluded and surrounded by National Forest land.  We ran our farm on Solar power and over the years raised goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkey and donkeys.  It was my experiment in homesteading, fun stuff!

Original Acrylic 16×20 Framed Painting is in a private collection.  The print edition has been sold out.

2001-Self Portrait of a Self Portrait of a…

2001-Self Portrait of a Self PortraitSelf Portrait of a Self Portrait of a…

Painted at “my” look out overlooking Big Creek where I spent many a day painting and peddling pictures to tourists.  A good friend noted that I wasn’t wearing glasses, he could see very little gray in my hair, and I looked a bit thinner here than I am in real life… Ahhh, the power of paint 😉

Framed Original 12×36 Acrylic Painting on board in a Private Collection. The print edition is sold out.

2001 Punch Bowl Falls

2001-PUNCH BOWL FALLSPunch Bowl Falls

was painted from an unknown photo reference because I felt some sort of unexplained attachment to it. I had no idea where it was.




vogtLater, my Mother gave me a dozen old paintings that were painted by my great grandfather.  Astonishing to me, one of the paintings was of this very same place.

(1969 or 1970)



IMG_4312wA few years after that, a photographer friend saw the two pictures and said “You’ve been to Punch Bowl Falls?”, I told him the story, and he later produced a black and white photo he had taken from nearly the same vantage point.

(circa 1980)



punchbowl_falls_by_melonamen-d5bthg9It’s interesting to observe the difference in water levels and vegetation through the passing of time in the different images.

Here is a recent photo:


Turns out, is in Cascade Locks Oregon, and is now definitely on my Bucket list. 🙂