2016-02-12 Trip to Florida to meet Ansleigh

This might get long…

We took off from the Ozarks Friday afternoon at 5:01 in search of a new grand daughter…

Made it just passed Memphis before getting tired, so we thought we’d take a stab at “metropolitan boondocking”, and we pulled over in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, pulled the shades, turned on the furnace and hit the sack (it actually was pretty peaceful, and we had a good nights sleep). The Van curtains and shades seal off the outside world very well.

In the morning we were up bright and early, drove through Mississippi and Alabama with a road side stop to make a hot lunch in the Van. By dusk we made it to an old friend of Jennifer’s, who has a beautiful home on the Flint river near Bainbridge Georgia. Had dinner and drinks with Ted, he cooked us breakfast in the morning and gave us a tour of his nearly complete handcrafted stone and wood Barn (now Jennifer wants one).

We shot down in to Florida and stopped at Wakulla Springs where we toured the old 1930s lodge and hiked a few miles in a foreign land.



Jennifer was quick to find an abnormally large tree.

20160214 124645.5

We made lunch in the Van at the park, and were anxious to see some beach, so we continued straight south to St. Marks.




Tony the Travato got to see his first Palm Tree..


AND the first of his kind in “the wild”..


From St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, we headed east towards Jacksonville. We were expected on Monday, so we tried out an old KOA in Perry Fl… about what I expected, but it was cheap, quiet, and had clean hot showers.. Jennifer made us breakfast in the morning and we were back on the road.

Arrived in Jacksonville right on time,

and got to wrap our arms around THIS!  🙂


Meet my grand daughter: Ansleigh Ella Starr. Born 2/5/2016, 2 days before Moms 21st birthday… The first born of my first born. 🙂




Got to do a “Day in the Life” on Day two with Jericha and crew and spent some time with and Ashlynn and Chaz Jr.



Picked oranges and grapefruit in the back yard 🙂


And did a little more of this…



Went to Dinner at Singletons Fish Shack with the whole bunch including GREAT grandma and grandpa, but didn’t get the “whole family at the table chowin down shot” ..oops, sorry Great Grams and Pops, but we’ll be back soon … (with our little people too).




Sleep, Eat, Poop, Repeat…


“But I kaint do it”… Sure you can… “I kaint do it” …sure you can… ”



Jericha and Chaz got ’em a great little family going, They have a great adventure ahead… Makes a Daddy proud.