2018-07-10 Grant Lake Boondocking, Mono Lake

TUESDAY JULY 10thThe girls laid around and slept in while I chatted with people on Facebook and walked up to the highway to take a picture of the van so I could brag about our spot.. 🙂 When they woke, Aly took a swim in the mountain lake.

Then we drove into Lee Vining, refilled some water jugs and got some info from the forest service. Quickly drove over to Mono Lake and did a short hike down to view the Tufas. The lake is a curious thing to see and learn about if you are in the area, but I would not recommend swimming or boondocking there (as several have suggested) – as the water is heavily salted, and full of miniature shrimp, and there are flies covering the sand on the beaches. Interesting no doubt; but not a place I felt the need to stay at. Even the surrounding topography is boring and deserty  – but that’s just me.