Scott Baldassari was born in Chicago in 1961 into a hard working middle-class family. At a young age he was encouraged by a Great Grand Father, Uncle, and 2 Aunts who were/are all Artists..First came to the Ozarks in the ’70s… From Gold Panning in California to Businessman in Chicago… …Virtually self taught, with no “institutional” training… ….Selling Paintings on the Roadside to tourists to over 300 stores and galleries in 13 different states… Works in collections in virtually every state of the union, and several different countries..

Art Philosophy: I think there should be only one requirement for 2-dimensional art:  It needs to IMPROVE the look of a white wall.  Anything beyond that is arguable, but at least that much should be required of a picture, to be called “Art”. 🙂

Education and Awards: Do you really care? Does it make any difference?  Do you like my paintings? Would a degree or award change your opinion?