2019-03-10 Weekend in Hot Springs, AR.

On Friday Facebook popped up a memory from 2 years ago that we had spent the weekend in Hot Springs. It reminded us of the many things we DIDN’T do on that trip, so Friday after work, we jumped in the Travato and headed South.
We overnighted at Lake Nimrod CCC Campground a couple hours south where it poured rain most of the night.

By the time we got Hot Springs in the Morning the skies had cleared and the Sun came out. RV Parking is free right in the middle of town.

We toured several Art Galleries and checked out some of the sites in town.

Hot Springs is an odd mix of old twenties era architecture and history.

Several of the old bathhouses have been restored by the National Park Service. The National Park today surrounds the north end of the city of Hot Springs; One side of the main drag is the Park, and the other is private businesses, galleries, shops and restaurants.

Art is everywhere.

The Historic Arlington Hotel is just one of the Huge buildings left from the days when the town was a Gambling resort area. Many of the buildings are in disrepair, while others have been lovingly restored.

Behind the bathhouses, is the Promenade; a bricked walkway with Bubbling Hot Springs all around.

We went to the Races – and actually left with more money than we came with. 🙂 Not MUCH more, but more nonetheless.

We stopped at the Gulpha Gorge Campground for a bit where I got a nap before our night on the town. There is a walking trail from the campground, over a ridge, and right into downtown.

Inside the Arlington, at “Maxines Live”, and at the historic Ohio Club we listened to three different bands.

…and had a “couple” drinks.

We were “late arrivals” to Lake Catherine State Park.

After breakfast, we headed off to Gavin Gardens; A University of Arkansas horticultural wonderland.

Nice and easy walking trails among an array of colorful flowers and native and non native flowering shrubs and trees.

Spring is late this year, and the tulips were not in bloom yet – but the daffodils sure were.

Several Art Projects along and part of the trails..

A “Children’s Garden” featuring this cocoon like tree house.

…and plenty of places for kids to romp

There is a “Fairy Garden”

…and even an outdoor model railroad garden.

Right next door is the Anthony Chapel complex. A wedding Chapel open to the public when not in use.

Built from local timber by the Fay Jones school of Architecture.

On the way out of town we managed to get a table (and a great pizza) at the Grateful Head.

We also snuck in a Cupcake from “Fat Bottomed Girls”, but I was too busy to take a picture.

Another great weekend.