2001 Punch Bowl Falls

2001-PUNCH BOWL FALLSPunch Bowl Falls

was painted from an unknown photo reference because I felt some sort of unexplained attachment to it. I had no idea where it was.




vogtLater, my Mother gave me a dozen old paintings that were painted by my great grandfather.  Astonishing to me, one of the paintings was of this very same place.

(1969 or 1970)



IMG_4312wA few years after that, a photographer friend saw the two pictures and said “You’ve been to Punch Bowl Falls?”, I told him the story, and he later produced a black and white photo he had taken from nearly the same vantage point.

(circa 1980)



punchbowl_falls_by_melonamen-d5bthg9It’s interesting to observe the difference in water levels and vegetation through the passing of time in the different images.

Here is a recent photo:


Turns out, is in Cascade Locks Oregon, and is now definitely on my Bucket list. 🙂