1988 – Walking Back from the Garden

1988-Walking Back scannedWalking Back from the Garden

.. is Ernest & Buelah Ponder from Salem Arkansas, and they pretty much represent the perfect traditional Ozark couple. Almost everyone relates to this picture on some level. Many folks see their relatives in these non-distinct figures. It brings back memories of Pie suppers, Church singins, gardening, Family reunions, auctions, and carrying spring water.

It is one of my earliest acrylic paintings. It was at a time when I was mostly using Pencil, Charcoal, and Pen and Ink, and had just began incorporating color into my work. I had played around with copying pen and ink drawings, and then overlaying a little watercolor.  This was one of my first works done without drawing at all, it was done very fluid like a watercolor, on watercolor paper. The entire picture took about half an hour, and I have since sold thousands of prints.

The Original Acrylic 8×10 painting on Watercolor Paper is in my personal collection. ¬†8×10 prints, matted to 11×14 are available with or without a frame.