2001 First Snow

2001-First SnowFirst Snow

This Painting was from a photo of my driveway, and an answer to my Mothers comment from Chicago, “You don’t get snow down there, do you?”

Framed Original 11×14 Acrylic painting on canvas in private collection.

4 thoughts on “2001 First Snow”

  1. This one is incredible! There are so many beautiful roads out here and you captured this one perfectly!

    1. Thanks. That’s the old driveway at Lurton. Had to walk down the road to see if I could “drive” down the road.. You ever have to do that?

    1. Thanks Scott. Actually this Painting has long been sold and unfortunately, I did not get a good enough photograph of it from which to make high resolution prints. I do however, make small 5X7 canvas prints of it, contact me if you are interested, and I’ll send you an image. Thanks again, hope you are enjoying “The Mill” painting!

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