2004-07 Hangin’ On

2004-07-HANGIN ONHangin On

This Pen and Ink was done right before this building was leveled by the owner (I got the planks off it to use for my handmade barnwood frames).  Later, Gary Wiebe used this image, along with a couple others, in one of his humorous books about the characters in Newton County.

The Original Framed 11×14 Pen and Ink on Paper is in a private collection. A limited number of 8×10 prints are available matted to 11×14 with, or without, a frame.

2 thoughts on “2004-07 Hangin’ On”

  1. Thanks Em. Do you remember this building? It was right up behind Nellie Dotsons store. I have a few more pen and inks, and I will get around to putting them up here at some point. I think I have all of the current, and “for sale” work up, so the rest is just for documenting my old work. Kind of fun for me; its like a photo album, and I can record thoughts I had on the pictures before I forget them (which seems to be happening more and more often these days) 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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