2014-02-01 Big Battle Falls

2014-0201 big battle PRINTBig Battle Falls

This is a large 2’X4′ Painting on 3/4″ Marine Plywood sealed front and back for outdoor display.  It was intended for a beautification project for the city of Harrison sponsored by the Harrison Art League.  The project was never completed which worked out very nicely for me, as I was very happy with the finished painting.  It is a view of one of my favorite swimming holes in Newton County.

The Original Framed 24×48 Acrylic painting on board is SOLD, a limited number of matted prints are available with or without a frame.

2 thoughts on “2014-02-01 Big Battle Falls”

  1. Scott, I am just blown away by your work, all of your pieces are incredible, I would love to come out to visit these areas someday

  2. Well thanks Jim, there are some really beautiful spaces here tucked back in the woods. This one was just off my property at one of the places I’ve lived in Newton County. (I have built 2 houses and lived in 4 different places here now). If you want to see some photographic images of the same area, go to http://www.nelmsgallery.com Thanks for the comment, I’m trying to verify this blog is working correctly. Good to see you and Rita still smiling.. and definitely yes, come down and visit sometime: Spring is wet; creeks are high and waterfalls are running. Summer can be hot; we do have snakes, ticks and chiggers. Fall is beautiful, and Winter is really a great time for hiking and exploring, though, as in Illinois, most of the trees loose their leaves, and it can get kind of gray and dull looking sometimes. We occasionally get a snow, but it doesn’t last long. So far, I don’t think the temp has been below 60 here for more than a day or two.

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