2015-10-30 It’s getting crowded at the Crag

DSC_5467wHawksbill Crag

Though I have hiked out to the crag several times, I was amazed at how many folks shared the trail with us this pleasant sunny Monday.  The parking places were full, and at least a dozen amateur photographers were snapping pictures on this colorful fall day of the “most photographed spot” in Arkansas.  The painters privilege is to leave those kind folks out of the picture.

This 18X24 Framed Original Acrylic Painting on canvas is available at the Nelms Gallery in Jasper .  A limited number of 8×10 prints are available matted to 11×14 with or without frames.

3 thoughts on “2015-10-30 It’s getting crowded at the Crag”

  1. If I were in the government I would have a brigade of policemen assigned to keeping an eye on people who paint landscapes outdoors. Oh, I wouldn’t want anyone killed. I’d be satisfied with just a little buckshot to begin with. (Edgar Degas)

    (This probably applies to landscape photographers as well.)

    And now that I think about it, banjo music may be just as effective as well, at least along the Buffalo…


    ~ Red

  2. Dave was checking out your works and loves them also..we will have to come by sometime when we have time on our travels to Texas

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