2015-01-02 …And the Winner is…..

Jim Campbell of Jim Campbell Photography in St. Louis won the free print from www.ScottsPaintings.com
Happy New Year, and Congratulations Jim!  Just go to the blog, and pick a print you like. Let me know via comment or email, and I’ll get it sent off to you!  Thanks again for your interest, great to meet you, and I hope to see you again soon at the gallery.

Jim chose “The Promise of Spring

2006-0304-The Promise of Spring

3 thoughts on “2015-01-02 …And the Winner is…..”

  1. Very tough decision you’ve presented to me, Scott. I’m flattered to be the recipient for the free print and honored. When me met (finally) in October 2015, I truly enjoyed the discussions we had regarding photography, your work, and possible shooting locations. Based on the aforementioned, I believe I’d like the print to be”Promised Spring”. It represents most the lighting I like to portray in my photography and the challenge to achieve it. Thanks once again, and if headed this way give us a heads up.

  2. Brown mat seems to create a balance with all colors involved. So that’ll be fine. I’ll e-mail address……

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