2016-02-01 First Trip in the Travato: Petite Jean State Park

1 Travato at Jens So, after a Year plus of looking, researching, comparing, pricing, shopping, reading blogs, reviews, visiting RV Dealers and RV Shows, and generally obsessing, I finally made the leap to buy a new “RV”. I was intrigued when I first saw the new front wheel drive RAM Promaster. I knew immediately it would make a great Van to “convert” into a camper due to its interior stand up height, relatively low exterior height, and straight up walls. I was completely in love after driving it. The Promaster drives as much like a car as a box this big can be expected to drive. So to make a long story short, I finally convinced Jennifer how badly we “needed” this Van as an upgrade to our Old Dodge…  2 walmart dining

Here we are Dining on our first meal in the Walmart parking lot.



3 travato parking

We then headed up the mountain to Petit Jean State Park (which was ridiculously crowded because we weren’t the ONLY ones that figured out that 68 degrees and sunny was a beautiful way to end January!

4 ali jen view


But even with the crowds, it was a awesome place, and it’s a great State Park.

5 cedar falls



Cedar Falls. Click on the picture to zoom in and see the size of the people.


6 cedar falls closer



There’s Jennifer and Aly. Jennifer tried to convince Aly to climb the “trail” up and behind the waterfall, but she couldn’t work up the courage…

22 scott at cedar falls



When she finally did, she ended up on the wrong side of the creek. Somehow -I- ended up getting wet, trying to help her back across.     🙂

8 ali on tree

She ended up walking downstream till she found this tree to use as a bridge. She’s a pretty resourceful, independent kid… but -I- ended up with the wet foot…

9 travto at night

We successfully got back up the mountain to the Van, and Jennifer made some beef stroganoff for Dinner.  We made a fire, played Uno, and showered at the campground with NO hot water…


11 braiding

Sunday, we had great french press coffee in the morning while Jennifer braided Aly’s hair..

20 making coffee12 arch

We took another great Hike; on Seven Hollows Trail and saw some more great sites..


19 scott and aliIts a 4.5 mile trail through some beautiful hollows with strange rock formations and beautiful countryside.

14 jen




It was a great time with a great new fun machine; great trails, beautiful park, and beautiful people.  21 all three




17 petit jean


On the way out we stopped at Petit Jeans Grave and learned about her legend and some other history of this beautiful place.


(Click to read)

24 petit jean legend






15 ar rivber



Pictured is a view of the Arkansas River from her gravesite.


23 ali and hammock



This is what it’s all about.

Life is good. very good.  🙂

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  1. A wonderful weekend was had by all. Can’t wait to head out again……. What a beautiful life we have!:)

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