2017-12-27 Springtime in the Ozarks

In the Spring, we hosted a gathering for a bunch of fellow Travato Owners (our camper van friends). When we were rained out of Richland Creek, we all took off and caravan-ed to Jasper to stay at the old Gallery House on the hill, that has a wrap around porch and shelter from the inches and inches of rain that was to follow.

I snapped this picture when we were “escaping” from the valley while there was still time:
Here is a progression of a Painting I did to honor the event:
I almost always start by toning the canvas with a color and blocking in the sky.

Finding the Horizon line and adding some color..Sketching or blocking in some darker values (in complimentary colors)Blocking in the Background..Starting to detail out the background and blocking in the foreground

Adding the Center of attention

I used some modeling paste to accent the rocks in the foregroundAnd finished up the details.

This painting went to the owner of the Van in Utah.