2018-07-14 California Coast North of San Francisco


We continued on to 906 Glass Beach Dr, just north of Fort Bragg, CA 95437, USA. A little cove portion of this beach is covered with pebbles and millions of small rounded multicolored peices of glass. Turns out, it is here because at one time the city used to dump its trash in the ocean – and mother nature returned it all to them. On closer inspection there were large chunks (some 100 feet long, 20’ wide and 6’ tall) of reddish brown “coral” that turned out to be yards and yards of rusted refuse somehow melded and welded together by rock and sea life. I can’t tell whether this is some sort of natural subastance, or if it was burned and melted into big chunks – but either way,  nature is slowly turning it back into a solid mass of rock, or grinding it away into sand. There is pottery, glass, and steel sticking out of the chunks of rock. Most of it is rusted and coroded – we could make out the rear axle of an old car, a spark plug, and numerous other items. A stainless steel cable stuck out as being one material that looked like it wasn’t giving up its man made form easily; it was intertwined and tangled up with the mess of rock – weaving itself in and out of the large chunks of matter – but still smooth, shiney, and intact – not frayed, worn, corroded, or showing age in any way that I could see. I imagine this is how mother nature will take care of the whole planet after she finally rids us humans from her world someday. It is an interesting scenario – that this much trash has been “recycled” in just a few decades.. In a couple hundred years, the earth could be pristine again..

Just North of MacKerricher State Park (that was full) we found an excellent boondocking spot between the highway and the ocean. Slept to the pounding of the surf (and an occasional car driving by). at a spot on my “Destinations Map” that Campskunk (A popular Roadtrek Vanner on social media) said was one of the top 10 boondocking spots in the country. Granted, It was on the beach at the ocean, (but seemingly inaccessible) with nice scenery; but directly behind you is the busy 101 highway with the constant hum of cars going by.. NOT a top ten in my book – but a good one for sure if you’re into the ocean and like sunsets. (Randy Fry Overlook)
39.57083, -123.77223