2019-01-26 Bernie and the Barn

Arkansas has been getting very little snow the last few years, so when we do get some, it seems like an event. The new Barn had a different face surrounded by snow, and Jennifer shot this pic.

It immediately struck me as good fodder for a painting, as the composition was great, the subject matter was personal, and the the colors were a bit monochromatic and muted.

I started with a pre primed white canvas. Usually, I like to paint a layer of color as an underpainting, but in this case, “white” fit the bill..
A little smear of blue and sienna for some variation, and I’m ready to find the horizon.
Initial “sponging” in of some trees.
Some tree trunks and more sponge work.
Sketching in the placement of the Barn
More Tree work and “aging” the wood of the barn.
Trimming out the Barn and refining its shape.
Lining out the Doors.
Defining the board and batten siding.
More aging of the wood, adding some snow to the horizontal boards, and the garden fence line.
Adding more snow on the barn, and on the tree limbs
Splattering snow all over the painting with a toothbrush.
Adding Bernie.
Flicking a little more snow in the background, and over Bernie. Added a signature, and done.